Yes, just like with the privacy text we thought we could just leverage the text from some other sites out there that have maybeGone All Insane About it but are very popular for Role Play but after digging into the details of the terms these Gone All Insane About it companies there is no way we would be such buttheads and use you like that!!!!

PLEASE go and read the terms you are agreeing to on these Gone All Insane About it sites for your own sake! We will finish up what we want to say here later. The jist is, we are not going to lie to you and sell off all your info like some Unike other Gone All Insane About it companies might!!!

The services hereunder are offered by The Roll Play, please use this mailing address: 2456 Carroll Ridge, Cordova, TN 38016 if you have an issue or send us an email at That's all we have for now, but if you want to call and talk to a person please just ask.

We will fix these terms to our liking before we post them. We are not here to screw you guys over but we will get this updated just because the lawyers will demand it.

Lastly, *please* no erotic or pornographic content!